Garment Sampling

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Garment Sampling Services

If you’re not sure which of our services you need, garment sampling is your first step.

This is where we will make just one of your design. Ideal for testing potential customer interest in your new style, assessing how well the pattern works (and correcting it where needed). And the first step for us in determining the construction methods and approximate time for manufacture.

Some of our customers make just one sample garment to have in their show rooms/websites, and from then on use our Made To Order service, when a customer places an order for the garment.

What do I need to provide for a sample garment?

For us to make your sample we will need the pattern. If you’ve already had a pattern made we can use that, although we do like to make our own where possible. You can provide your pattern in paper or card format, or digitally in AAMA DXF format. (We can accept other digital formats, please contact us for further information). If you’re at the start of the process and need help with pattern creation, we also offer a pattern cutting service.

We’ll also need your materials. This includes the main fabric, any lining, trims and fastenings. If you’re unsure how much you need of these please ask us about our marker services, which will estimate the amount of fabric required for your project.

We will also need a technical/flat sketch of what the final garment should look like. Ideally this should include details of where the trims and fastenings should be. 

A full tech pack can be provided if you have one. But if you don’t we can work without one, or create one for you.

How long does it take to make a sample garment?

This is hard to answer, as it will depend on the complexity of the item. E.g. a bridal gown will take a lot longer than a pair of leggings. 

It’s important that you allow plenty of time. If you need the sample for an even such as a runway show or photography shoots, it’s best to get the ball rolling a long way in advance. If you don’t have patterns for the garment, the process of making these will also need to be accounted for.

No one likes last minute panic, so giving the team plenty of time ensures you have the highest quality garment.

Calculating the cost of a sample garment

We charge the sample rate for orders of 5 and under. A sample is not treated a production garment, therefore the time it takes to make one will be the same for small numbers of the garment. 

Not including any pattern or design work, the sample garment is time recorded from cutting the fabric to the final finishing. This is the sample labour cost. If we’ve provided any materials, trims, patterns or design work, this will be charged for separately, which gives us a true cost of the item. Should you choose later to do a small production run we can work out the discount based on the time taken to produce the original.

N.B. We don’t take on any production runs without first completing a sample garment.

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