Made to Order Garments

Made to order garments for online sellers

Your garments made to order

We understand that small businesses and online sellers can’t always store or afford to buy masses of stock. This is where we can help. We can make your garments to order and ship them directly to your customer!

All you’ll need is the sample garment to show potential customers (we can help with that too: Garment Sampling). Your customer can then place an order with you for the garment, we’ll make it up and send it direct to them so you don’t need to hold inventory or run the risk of buying stock you might not sell.


What do I need to provide for made to order garments?

Much like our other services we’ll need to make a sample first.  Have a look at out Sample Service for more information.

Ideally, once the design is finalized and a sample has been made, we will grade the pattern to your final sizes. (You will need to provide your size range). Your final pattern will then be available in all sizes ready for an order to come in, in any size.

You’ll need to provide us with your fabric, trims and fastenings. If you are planning on keeping this garment as a staple for many seasons, it might be worth bulk sourcing your supplies. We will store your materials at our studio for you. And keep you updated when it’s running low.

How long does it take to have a garment made to order?

This depends on the garment. Once we’ve created a sample we’ll have a good idea of how long it takes to make that garment. We’ll be able to advise you of the estimated time scale at this point. You’ll need to let your customers know that items are made to order and will take a number of days or weeks before it is shipped.

Are there any fees associated with storing my materials?

No, we’re happy to take good care of your materials for you. We have plenty of storage space. Although if we’re storing your materials and you haven’t sold any of the garments in 3 months (or discontinue the garment), we will contact you to ask what you wish to do with the materials. We will at this point return the materials to you or ask you to advise us of your wishes for the materials. 

How do you package the garments for shipping?

This is your choice. We are making the garment, and will ship the garment directly to your customer as if you were shipping it yourself. You will need to provide use with your packaging materials, including any tags, hangers, bags and outer packaging materials such as mailing bags or boxes.

If you have specific requests such as wrapping in tissue, tied with a gold ribbon, and having a brand sticker on the outside of the packaging. We can do this too, you’ll just need to provide us with the supplies and information.

What do you charge for shipping?

We only charge the cost price to us, which will get added on to the cost of the garment. This is variable based on the service used. Although we can use a specific service for your items if you prefer, please let us know of your preferred shipping provider.

If you have an account with a shipping provider that you would like to use, we are happy for you to directly arrange the collection from the studio. We will confirm a collection date with you to allow you to pre-book the collection.

There may be a small fee for handling, this usually applies to items with specific packaging instructions.

Where can you ship my garment to?

We are happy to ship your garments world wide. Although it can be harder to track packages in some parts of the world, this is worth considering when sending garments overseas.

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