Made to measure garments

English Attire made to measure garment services

Your designs made to measure

Our made to measure service, is just like our made to order service. With the difference of being able to provide personal measurements, to have the garment altered at the manufacturing stage to fit your customer better.

This is ideal for times when your customer doesn’t fit into your standard measurements, or when the garment is a luxury item such as an evening gown.

Made to measure isn't bespoke

It’s important to remember that having one of your designs as a made to measure garment, isn’t the same as a bespoke garment. A bespoke garment is a one off, that is fitted directly to the customer. In this instance we will be using your patterns (the same as the made to order service), but adjusting them to the measurements provided by your customer. We are not providing a fitting service. And the garment may need to be adjusted further for a perfect fit once it reaches your customer. 

What if my customer isn't in my usual size range?

This is where made to measure comes in to its own. You can offer a made to measure garment, as a custom order, in the size that they need. Although it’s worth remembering if the new size required is a lot bigger than your usual size range you’ll need to account for the additional materials required.

Does made to measure cost more?

Yes, it’ll cost a bit more than the made to order garments. This is because we will have to change the pattern to fit the new measurements. A complex garment will cost more to adjust than a simple garment as there will be more pattern pieces to adjust.

Can you fit the garment to my customer?

Yes, we’re happy to do a fitting on your customer if they’re local and able to come to the studio. This will be subject to a consultation fee. We can also provide training for your staff if you wish to provide fittings at your store. 

After the garment is finished, if you require additional alterations, we are happy to do this, although extra fees will apply.

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