Clothing Fitting & Alterations

Clothing Alterations, Fittings and Repairs

We are specialists in fit! We understand that each body is different. Sometimes you just need a bit of extra help to get that perfect fit. We can help. From fitting bridal gowns, to shortening trousers, helping you feel great in what you’re wearing is what we do best!


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The Garment Fitting Process

If you’ve never been for a fitting before, don’t worry. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable. You’ll need to bring your garment along with the shoes you will be wearing with it (especially if we are shortening the length). And any shape wear/underwear that is specific to the garment.

You’ll use our changing room, giving you privacy away from the working area, but we are close by if you need any assistance.

Once you’re ready we’ll assess the fit. This is done in front of the mirror, you get to see the shape changes as we pin. Make sure you express any specific wishes at the time of fitting.

Fittings can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a whole hour, depending on the complexity of the garment.

How long do clothing alterations take?

Each garment will be different. We ask that you allow 2 weeks for us to complete the alterations. Usually we will book you in for a collection, at the time of your first fitting.

We may be able to speed up your alterations if they are needed quickly for a short notice function. Please ask about this before booking, fast turn around clothing alterations are subject to an additional charge.

Will I need a second fitting for my garment alterations?

Usually one fitting is all we need for basic alterations. If we are altering something complex like a bridal gown, then multiple fittings may be required. Please allow for the extra time needed for complex items.

What about general repairs?

We also take in general repairs. From changing zips right through to re-lining jackets. If you’re unsure about anything please get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have.

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