Bespoke Garments

Bespoke Garments For Every Occasion

Having something made just for you is a wonderful experience. And we want you to enjoy the process as much as we do. Book your initial consultation.

We can produce a new garment for you based on an idea you have or we can reproduce a much loved garment in a new material.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful new evening gown, or just a new skirt to wear to the office, we will make sure it’s a garment you will love for years to come.

For information about bespoke bridal wear please visit our bridal page.

The Bespoke Garment Process

The first thing we need you to do is book in for a consultation: Book here

At your consultation, you’ll need to bring along your ideas. Bring any magazines you’ve been looking at, or photos, or even bring your Ipad/tablet if you’ve saved any images to it. 

We will sit down, and have a chat about what it is you are looking to have made. At this point, we’ll ask you for further details, such as the date the garment is needed by, whether you have already sourced the fabric, and any additional information that you feel we need to know.

English Attire Consultations Bespoke Garments

Taking your measurements

At your first consultation, we’ll also need to take your body measurements. This is a very important process, so please ensure you’re wearing the right under garments. (I.e. ones that fit well, as support where needed). Please make sure if you’re wearing bulky items, that you bring a t-shirt to change in to. 

At this point we’ll also have a chat about the finished garment, as these measurements will be different to your body measurements.

Confirming the design

Once we’ve taken your measurements, we’ll set to work creating the design for you. We’ll create a flat technical sketch. This will enable both our pattern cutter and yourself to see the design details. We’ll email you a copy of this to confirm. And make any changes as needed.

Once the bespoke design has been agreed, it’ll be sent to the pattern cutter who will create your custom sewing pattern. 

The Toile Fitting

After the pattern has been created, a toile will be made up. This is a mock version of the final garment. This will be your first fitting. We will fit this garment to you. 

At this appointment we all also confirm any fabric choices, where we have ordered in any samples. 

If you are sourcing the fabric, we will now have an approximation of how much fabric will be required.

The Fabric Fitting

Your next fitting will be the fabric fit. This will not be the completed garment, but the fabric shell. 

Adjustments will have been made to the pattern based on the toile fitting. The main fabric shell will be cut, and assembled. This fitting, will confirm the adjustments made, and any additional detailing can now be added and confirmed.

Your 3rd garment fitting

At your 3rd garment fitting, the entire garment will have been assembled. There may still be a few fitting tweaks, which we will pin in place on the garment. You’ll be able to get a good idea now of your final bespoke garment.

Once the final fitting details have been agreed, we will go ahead and add any decoration such as beading, buttons, buttonholes and other details that have been agreed.

Bespoke garment fitting
English Attire Bespoke Evening gowns

The completed garment

For complex and highly detailed designs more than 3 fittings may be required. This will be discussed with you as needed.

For many designs you’ll come for your final consultation to collect your garment. 

This may be the first time you’ve seen your completed garment with all it’s finishing touches. So you are welcome to bring along any shoes, and accessories you are going to be wearing with it, to try on at the studio.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as we have. The creation process of a bespoke garment can be a long one, but we guarantee you’ll love your new garment for years to come.

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